March 2018 Disneybound Challenge, Day 3 – “Fab 5”

Ok, I can’t be the only one who didn’t ‘t realize that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto are known as the “Fab 5” right? And I consider myself a die-hard Disney fan.

Anyway, moving on…

As I say in the caption, I never really felt much of a connection with these characters and I’m not sure why. Maybe they seem so ubiquitous that I can’t really find a personality or core to connect with.

That said, while I was studying film in college, I got really into animation. And I mean REALLY into it. Disney and non Disney, but the roots of my excitement for the art form and it’s history are in Disney.

I watched Disney documentaries non stop, and devoured all the old films, particularly the shorts.

The sheer innovation of the early days of Disney is astounding. The way the Disney studio tested the limits of animation, constantly striving to improve, see what else was possible with the art form has always inspired me.

“Steamboat Willie” (1928) stands out a mile above the rest for it’s place in animation history – adding synchronized sound to film, just one year after “The Jazz Singer”. Nothing beats watching an inky black and white Mickey steer the boat whistling his heart out, or the perfectly synchronized kitchen scene, banging out a beat on the pots.

My Score: 9/10 – top marks for anchor detail on the shirt, deducted point for not making even one take black and white (face palm).

Instagram score: 31 likes


March 2018 Disneybound Challenge, Day 2 – Disney Sidekicks

Boy they really threw some of the best themes at us right at the beginning! This post could have been so much better I think toward the end of the month after I’d gotten the hang of Instagram Disneybounding. That said, I think it’s the Disneybound post with the most comments so what do I know 😉 .

Lady and the Tramp has always been one of my favorite old Disney films. It’s so beautifully drawn, and the music is just lovely. And the dinner scene is only a liiiitle bit racist, which is kind of saying a lot when it comes to Disney’s early works.

What else are you supposed to do when you have a “newsies” hat (which actually belonged to my Grandfather) and an argyle scarf?

My score: 6/10 – points for lipstick. points deducted for effort…

Instagram score: 54 likes!


March 2018 Disneybound Challenge, Day 1 – Big Hero 6

Day 1 theme for the March 2018 Disneybound Challenge was Big Hero 6 (2014). I’ll admit while I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it didn’t quite stick with me the way so many others have. I also saw it on a plane, so that could have something to do with it.

This was also the first “official” Disneybound I’d ever done, other than Alice in Wonderland at Fall Dapper Day 2017. So safe to say still getting my feet wet, and well, it’s pretty sucky.

Personal Score: 1/10

Instagram Score: 45 likes…really guys, what were you thinking?