Thank you so much for visiting Exploring Historian. This is my exploration of the world through travel, art, and history.

Who am I? I’m Samantha, a 30 something weirdo, nerd, and perfectly imperfect human specimen, obsessed with history, archaeology, anthropology, film, theater, and literature.

Quick facts: Oxford comma purist, prolific Star Wars quoter, and Hamilton lyric aficionado. Huge weak spot for a good montage sequence – looking at you “Prince of Thieves”.

Quick facts that you actually care about (maybe): Double bachelors degrees in history and film from the University of Colorado. Based in San Francisco. Over 1,000 twitter followers.

I started Exploring Historian as a place where I could share many ramblings on many subjects with something of a through line.

Since this site is still getting started, you can read some samples of my travel writing at: Stride Travel

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